Wednesday, November 25, 2009

patched 10.6.2 kernel for Snow Leopard is out

I just saw this over on Prasys' blog

Nawcom has patched the new 10.6.2 “qoopz” kernel for legacy processors and as well as for AMD processors. on top of that he has made an installer to get it all up and working. Before you install the Snow Leopard 10.6.2 update , be sure to run this . There is nothing much changes which have been done to XNU. The package includes the 10.6.2 kernel for AMD processors and Intel SSE2/SSE3 such as Pentium 4 and patched SleepEnabler.kext
Thanks nawcom !

UPDATE: 11-26-09 9:33 PM

I have successfully upgraded my D945GCLF to 10.6.2

I used the Nawcom kernel patch software package installer, then ran the apple updater and updated to 10.6.2

system rebooted with no issues. I noticed that the software package edited the /extra/ file and changed the kernel option to use the new kernel called legacy_kernel

first boot I did have to tell chameleon to ignore caches and I'm using onyx to rebuilt all of my cached kexts,etc.

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Cash said...

This is my first comment here, but I have been following you for long time now and I want to thank you for all the help.

Now this is what got me confused is that the prasys link you have given, over there this dude is saying that run the 10.6.2 update first and then run the package, but in your article you have written that you installed the package first and after that you updated 10.6.2 from apple. I just want to make sure which is the right way to go. I really would appreciate your input as I can't wait to update my Hackintosh to 10.6.2

Thanks in advance.

Cash J.