Thursday, February 11, 2010

Guide to installing OSX Snow Leopard version 10.6 (original Retail Disk) on a Intel D945GCLF with SATA drives

instructions for using Empire EFI 1.085 Atom compatible Boot CD to Install Snow Leopard 10.6 (original retail)

System Specs for system that this guide was written for:

Intel Motherboard D945GCLF with Intel Atom 230 CPU

2 Gigabytes of DDR2 533 MHz Memory (Generic)

Seagate 120 GB ST3120026AS Sata hard drive

HL-DT-ST Sata Dual Layer DVD +/- DVD Burner

Onboard Intel GMA 950 Video

Onboard Realtek R1000 Network card 

Onboard Sound card

Cooler Master CM-360 Case

Apevia Java Power 500 Watt 24 Pin ATX Power Supply

Software needed: Empire EFI 1.085 Atom compatible Boot CD found here

Realtek R1000 Kext, and Kext Utility file found here 

VoodooHDA Kext (found on the Empire EFI 1.085 Boot CD)

DSDT.aml file for a D945GCLF series (needed to have ability to chose supported resolutions higher than 1024 x 768 32 bit. Found here


download the Empire EFI 1.085 Atom compatible Boot CD Iso images using the link I provided at the start of this guide. You may want to try both versions of the iso on a rewritable disk to determine which works better for you. On my particular D945GCLF Motherboard I have to use the regular version as the Legacy version has the same isolinux image is corrupt error that caused me to develop the USB Snow Leopard on a D945GCLF Guide found on my blog.

Boot your system using the Empire EFI Boot CD, after it has booted eject it and insert your Snow Leopard install DVD and then wait until the drive stops flashing and then press F5, this should refresh the menu options so that you now see Mac OSX Install DVD instead of Empire EFI.

Press Enter to Boot your Mac OSX Install DVD and start the OSX Snow Leopard Operating System Installation.

make sure you partition your hard drive as a MacOS Journaled drive with GUID format, select the desired fonts,etc. and then install Snow Leopard.

If you get an error about the system not being able to bless the drive don't panic, this is common, you'll be using the empire efi boot cd to boot your system until you get the myhack bootloader software installed.

When the install finishes reboot your system, remove the Snow Leopard install DVD and reinsert your empire efi boot cd and allow the system to boot from it.

At the chooser screen select the hard drive (named to whatever you named it to during the instal)l and then hit enter to boot. If you want to watch a verbose boot to watch for errors press the down key after selecting this disk and choose the verbose option and then press enter to boot.

after the system has booted you'll want to go into the post-installation folder on the empire efi disk, and run the myhack installer.

If you are using a USB keyboard and Mouse, then all you'll need to do is do a standard install for Myhack, but if you are using a PS2 Keyboard or Mouse you need to do a customized install and select PS2Controller in addition to the other selected options. This will add the needed Kext file to make your PS/2 Devices work.

Note: I don't advise using the sleep enabler kext, as you'll run into problems with updating your kernel if you use this kext, it's not really needed unless you absolutely want or need the ability to put your hackintosh to sleep.

After Myhack is done installing remove the Empire EFI Boot CD and then restart your Hackintosh. If everything went ok you should now be able to boot into OSX from the myhack (chameleon) bootloader that you installed.

Next we're going to work on getting your sound card and network card working.

copy the realtekR1000.kext   I gave you a link for to /system/extensions along with the voodoohda.kext file from the post-install folder on the Empire EFI Boot CD and then run Kext Utility to update your kext caches and fix your file permissions

If you get an error about either of these two kexts being installed improperly before Kext Utility finishes running don't worry as Kext Utility will fix the problem before it finishes running. All you need to do now is reboot your hackintosh and if everything went ok, you should now have a working network card and a working sound card in Snow Leopard.

Next we are going to work on giving you the ability to select resolutions for your video display so you aren't stuck at 1024x768. This will require two things to be done. 

1. You'll need to open finder (the two tone blue smiley face in the lower left corner on the dock) and go to the /Extra folder, copy the file that is in the folder to your desktop so we can edit it. double click on the file on your desktop and use textedit to remove the following info Graphics Mode 1024x768x32 This info hard codes the display to only display at 1024 x 768 32 bit resolution so we need to get rid of it. after editing this save the file and then copy it back into the Extra folder. You'll get a prompt for your password, if you created one for your user account enter it, otherwise just click ok.

2. copy the DSDT.aml file I provided the link to earlier into the /Extra Folder Then reboot your Hackintosh. When you reboot you should now have the ability to change your display resolution 

before you install the 10.6.2 update from apple's website be sure to install the Nawcom 10.6.2 kernel found here

After installing the new patched kernel you should be able to download the 10.6.2 update directly using the Apple update utility.

After running all of the updates you should wind up with a fully patched and operational Hackintosh system.


If you run into any problems head over to the insanelymac forum to ask for help

The main thing to remember when asking for help.

1. Patience, it may take a couple of days before someone answers your question, don't get pushy and don't keep posting the same question over and over.

2. scan the forum and make sure that someone else hasn't posted a similar problem, if they have you may already have the answer to your question.

3. understand that running a hackintosh isn't for the average person, you have to be willing to work on problems by yourself if you can't get anyone to assist you. Being pushy or disrespectful of others on the forum will cause your questions to be ignored.

4. Remember you're on your own if you do decide to build your own hackintosh. If you want a smooth out of the box experience, you should probably save up the money and buy yourself a real Macintosh system from Apple. I'm too cheap to do this, and I'm the kind of person that I think it's fun when you have to work a little to get something to run the way you want it to.

Having warned you about these things, I hope those of you who do decide to continue with building your hackintosh have fun and learn a lot from the process.

I remain your obedient servant

Doctor Evil 30564


Zaiden said...

Hey, great guide!
The only problem I'm finding with this is, even when using the DSDT enables me to change the resolution, most of the video-accelerated features are gone (menu bar transparency, or the water effect when adding a widget to the Dashboard).

Is there any way to keep the resolution-changing feature - or, at least, to be able to set it to a different value than 1024x768, like 1280x768 - without losing 3D acceleration?


Doctor Evil 30564 said...


If you want to hard code your system to a specific resolution first determine which resolution will work ok for you, then re-edit the file in the /extra folder and simply add back the info that you removed and change the resolution info to the desired resolution. you might want to try the newer version of the Empire EFI disk that Prasys just released.. according to the info he gave the new version comes with a graphics injector that works for a GMA 950 that may give you the full resolution as well as the full graphics capability without having to use a DSDT file. It sounds like your system may be a little different in some way or another which might account for the lack of graphic effects such as the transparency.. Another good thing to do for the problem is to head over to the insanelymac forum and see if anyone is having similar problems.

Zaiden said...

Thanks a lot, I'll try the new Empire EFI.
I've already asked in the forum... will see if anyone knows about this.

Regarding the resolution change via, the problem is that it is only accepting resolutions like 800x600, 1024x768 or 1280x1024, and since I'm using a widescreen tv with this computer, i'm expecting to use something like 1280x768

Zaiden said...

After several hours of trying different configurations, I've realized that the problem was only happening when I was starting the PC with my TV connected as a monitor.

Using the custom DSDT and booting with a regular monitor and, once OS X has booted up, connecting the TV I'm finally being able to have 3D acceleration and resolution changing.

Very weird, but I'm lucky because of having a spare monitor :)

Zophtx said...


i have the same thing on all the OS i use.
the srceen is in like 680x680. but than after it boots from the HDD or any device that you are booting from it goes the res that was last used. like for me 1280x768.
maybe it only hapens to some TVs. but it happens to me as well.
it is normal.
when you power up your computer it does not load the OS until you boot from where the OS is located (e.g HDD) when the computer boots from the HDD it than load th OS. than GUI. and than any appliations. GUI would be the res part.

im am now your follower only cause i am have a hard time looking for the snow Leapord install for intel D945GCL.
waiting for my board :) it supoes to come on 2/16/10.. cant wait and you the one the is going to be my teacher.
i have sata HDD but my DVD+RAm drive is a IDE do you think that this gudie would work??

thanks alot!!

Doctor Evil 30564 said...


I think it will work ok, if you run into any problems let me know, you might need a different kext file for the ATAPI (ide) controller. It may work ok with the one provided in the myhack installer and the one that the empire efi boot cd uses.

Zophtx said...


ok i get the concept of hackintosh stuff.

1st you find a way to boot off the OSX DVD.
2nd you add the rite kext for the hardware.. sounds ez.

but it is not. i have a hard time getting the OSX DVD to boot.
i put in the EFI in (legecy givea me a boot error.. not using it) goes to the boot splash. than i thake the EFI disk out and put in the OSX DVD wait for like 5 minutes and push F5.
this is what happen after i push F5
1: it does nothing. and i push it again igive me a this error "Memory Allocation Error (HEX, HEX)"
2: outputs" reseting bios configution" after that
"failure reseting BIOS 90h
i tinkered with the BIOs abit and the same thing happened. i even change the RAM to 3 diffent ones.
2 of them ere 1gbs and the 3rd one was a 512mb.

hope you can help

Zophtx said...

the Emprie EFI is give me the "Memory Allocation Error" an it is have a hard time reseting the BIOs Device signature 90h..

i going to try the USB boot method but the kext files i need dont excise on the medifire anymore. do you have em soo i can have em.???

Doctor Evil 30564 said...


I uploaded the Macboot 0.4 software and the DSDT.aml file and the kext files you need to get the usb install method to work for a D945GCLF to my mediafire account. here is the links


SL macloader 0.4

good luck, I hope you're able to get the issue resolved.

Zophtx said...

i got the DVD installer to boot...
when i made my "own" version of the USB installer.put it in and wonder will "Empire EFI" recognize it and can i boot from it.(just for the heck of it.) ok it did. after i put in the MacOS X DVD in and than wit for like 1 minute than my cat jumped on my keybroad and push a couple of letters. ("boot:\ " shows as supose to"
than i backspace all the leter and hit enter. does "bot mach_kernal. cant find it. but the Empire EFI turn into the Apple HFS. soo i hit F5 see if it worked and it did woot. dont know why but it could load from the DVD without some other Apple bootable device.

for the USB installer i just use the kext that was from the Empire EFI.iso ... couldnt wait for these

when i booted from the DVD. it booted al right but after it boot and got to the install phase it outputed "waiting for root device". HDD cant be found huh.

so i went to school today and used there mac and my usb installer to instal it to the Hard Drive that is going to be in the my Hackintosh.(i used a external enclosure).

so im woundering if i stall every from the USb installer from from a "real" Mac and than put the HDD back into the Hackintosh and use a EFI booter like "Empire EFI" and boot from the HDD.. would this work.? and than install the chameleon boot loader? to the HDD and boot off it with out the EFI disc?

oh ya when i booted of the USB installer i got a kernal panic.. eh ya

Doctor Evil 30564 said...


Thats great!! I'm glad you were able to come up with a working solution. My primary goal for writing my guides has been to try to give my readers the info to get them started. I'm glad you were able to get it working. I think you should be able to use your usb boot loader to boot the installed OS on your hard drive, then you can either use the myhack installer or the chameleon installer to get your system to where it can boot without needing the usb installer disk.

Zophtx said...

ya i got it working 99%. (nothing perfect) funny thing is the :myHack" and the other salution didnt work very well. so after it 'myHack" installed i tried it out and it crashed my computer. soo booted of my EFI and got back to the Mac part and replace what the myHack installed with all the thing in the EmpireEFI. but the theme i left the same. but i going to change the theme soon. dont really like the speech they give me. "SL is power bla bla bal" i like the picture but not the text speech.

soo i used alot from the EmpireEFI to get m5y Hackintosh going.
this all the things that work.

"res" is changable thx to ur .aml

"sound" works nice with the kext

"bootable" w/out any device thx to EmpireEFI.

"Cpu" is reckinized thx to OSx86 tools "(for leapord) but works great with SL.

eternet is going to have some work done on it.

everything else seem fine.
now i can enjoy my Xcoding on a $186 OSx86 Mac.
==cocoa is fun==

thanks to EmpireEFI i can now boot with out the cd or usb.

thanks to you Docter for this nice gudie and the USB gudie.

IDEs work with this gudie but i think you going to have the same problem that i had when get the EmpireEFI to make the MacOSX DVD to boot.
try formating a like a 1gb stick a Apple HFS format and stick it in and than boot off the EmpireEFI and than put in the MacOSx dvd and than push enter to make sure it works and if it shows a "Apple HFS" instead of the "EmpireEFI" than hit F5. if you get a error it means you Hit F5 to soon that all.

good luck to all newbie at OSx86 and hopefull you all get it work on you own or with some help.

but this docter is the Intel D945GCLF expert.... "casue he the only one i can find that has a fully gudie for this mobo" hehe but nicly done docter, nicly done.

thx agian.

Guilherme said...

I followed the guide with the same hardware (apart from i have a 330 atom) and when booting with myhack it said for me to restart the system and try again kept doing this so now im re-installing the entire thing but updating and installing the kexts before restarting.

With new version of MYHACK and EMPIRE EFI...

Lets see if it works!

Guilherme said...

Excellent! Thanks i finally managed to get it working after staying up till 6am still failing then got up and did it NOW writing this on the hackintosh!

Pretty much the same spec as you but with intel 330.

Could I revise this guide? As i figured out the bios settings properly did you forget to add them? Or did you not need to change anything?

Also if anyone could shed some light on this... my video is stutting when watching youtube etc? not terribly but you couldnt watch a movie.

Doctor Evil 30564 said...


glad to hear you got it working. Is your board a D945GCLF or a different model? I haven't heard of a D945GCLF that has an Atom 330 in it, it sounds like it might be a different model so wanted to ask.

If you want to use my article as a basis for your own article you can, I'll be glad to link to it on your blog or can publish it for you here if you like. It would probably work better though if you posted it on your own blog and then I could link to it from mine.

To be honest, I don't remember if I had to make any bios changes, it's been a while since I originally built my D945GCLF system. I may sell it soon as I rarely turn it on anymore now that I have my GA-965P-S3 Hackintosh, as it runs circles around the D945GCLF

Guilherme said...

Im sure this is what i purchased:

Also should probably post this (and you probably link this:

Update for the GMA950 im not really sure how to install this yet as im pretty new at this stuff. Also what will those features bring? Ps did you get my donation?

Doctor Evil 30564 said...


I sure did, it wasn't necessary but It is appreciated. thanks :)

The GMA graphics injector looks to be a slightly different method for getting native resolution,etc. for the Intel GMA series video cards. The GMA950 is almost 100% natively supported and already gives full OpenGL,etc. support. I've noticed the stuttering also, it seems to be due to either the video card or atom processor not being quite powerful enough to render flash video but I can't be sure. I don't have this issue on my other hackintosh, but it has a Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 2.13 GHz CPU (overclocked to 3 GHz) and an Asus EN8800 GT 512 meg PCI-Express video card

Zophtx said...

i belive the reason you had the "resetting" problem was because you were having a kernal panic. just to put that out. :)
i'm gald you got it working.

did i tell you i got my the USB installer to work!?.. i think i did but im not sure.
i think im going to make a better Hackitosh when i get the money for a "core 2 duo" CPU and a nice Hackintosh compatiple MotherBorad.
my eternet work now it worked with "realtek" kext before but i have a crapy modem that just wont play nice. ><

Doctor Evil 30564 said...


that's great to hear.

When you get ready to look into building a core 2 duo be sure to check the hardware compatability list, most people recommend gigabyte socket 775 motherboards. I used a GA-965P-S3 to build my other hackintosh, it was a pretty easy build, hardest component to get working was the network card, had to get a modified ionetworking kext that had the model info for the onboard marvell yukon network card to work, no other problems other than that.

Andy said...

Hey thanks for the guide it has got me almost there but i get stuck after loading myhack the computer always tells me to restart. I have the atom 330 and noticed that someone else had this problem and was able to figure it out and was wondering if anyone can help me get myhack working properly.

Andy said...

Hey there thanks so much for this guide it has got me almost there. one problem i have had is making myhack to work as i have a atom 330. i noticed that another person had the same problem and i was wondering if anyone knew how to fix myhack for an atom 330? I have tried so many different boot loaders and have no idea how get any of them to work.

If anyone could help that would be much appreciated!

Doctor Evil 30564 said...


You may want to contact the creator of myhack, I'm not familiar with the Atom 330 chip, it may be something simple that you can do like disabling hyperthreading in the bios, or it may be that you need to use a special version of the mach kernel. His blog site is here

Also check over on the insanelymac forum, you may be able to find the answer to your problem over there.

I've repurposed my D945GCLF system and I now have it running CenTOS Linux 5.5 so I don't have a working Atom Hackintosh system anymore. I'm confident though that you can get help over at the insanelymac forum found here

Good Luck to you, I hope that you are able to get your problem resolved quickly.

Dr. E

Slowverdrive said...

Hey, Thanks for the great guide. However i have run into a few issues that you may be to help me out with.
1. After using the MyHack i get a kernel panic if i try to boot without EmpireEFI
2: I still can nto get Networking ot work
3: I wanted to update to 10.6.2, So i first installed the legacy Kernel and restarted. Now i am unable to boot to OSX to start the 10.6.2 patch

Nick Thompson said...

Hey thanks doc. Some handy stuff here, the D945glclf is a neato hack. Can't get audio to work atm with 10.6.4, everything else (net, display, sleep and shutdown is good). I'll try to remember to pop back here once I figure out the audio stuff for the ALC662 on this MOBO.

Dipak said...

hello sir can i use this installer for D945GCNL or D945GCPE INTEL board with core2duo

Doctor Evil 30564 said...


with a core 2 duo cpu you should be able to use the regular version of the empire efi boot cd to install mac osx, but I'm pretty sure the one I have linked would also work.

Anonymous said...

I follow this and it works then i get an error saying that a package failed to verify. it is a different package every time please help.

Doctor Evil 30564 said...


When I encountered similar issues, I had to switch to a different DVD drive, the drive I had seemed to read disks fine under windows, but would give me errors about different packages when I tried to use it to build my hackintosh.

I'd recommend trying a different DVD drive and see if that helps.